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Studio Tecnico Protasi engineering & architectural firm (with its current arrangement) was established in the autumn of 2010. Its owner, Mr. Luca Protasi, a freelance surveyor.


The firm was founded as a result of a long and successful process started back in 1999. Its history, but also its cultural and technical know-how, began with:

  • the training period completed by Luca Protasi at Trabucco architectural firm (1999 – 2001), which gave him a method, professionalism, passion for design and the basic skills needed to create the foundations of a profession;
  • the Technical services firm (2002-2003) (with head office in the current firm), a crucial experience, enriched with important tasks that, together with the cooperation with dozens of technical firms (and their professionals) made a significant contribution to the personal and professional growth of Mr. Protasi and his Firm;
  • the first experiences as a freelance surveyor (2003-2005), with courage and humility: knowing he had little experience in the field,  Mr. Protasi  thoroughly studied each single case supported by the advice of many authoritative professionals, with whom he had (and he still has) the pleasure to work;
  • the turning point  represented by Gamma Logos Associates (2006-2010): Luca believes in teamwork, especially if it’s a young, dynamic and diversified group of professionals with the experience necessary to tackle professional future challenges. That is why he founded Gamma Logos (associated with Marzia Lazzerini) that, thanks to the synergy of numerous collaborators, consultants and firms, has worked for five years on public works, contests and important contracts, taking care of the design, topography and cadastral registrations, surveys, safety aspects, quantity surveying, graphics etc. …
  • STUDIO PROTASI: in 2010 the devastating economic crisis disturbs the balance of the firm and leads to the dissolution of Gamma Logos. But Luca Protasi does not lose heart and, with energy and enthusiasm,  he founds his new firm, without losing sight of the “mission” that had characterised his past business,  which is offering its customers a full range of technical engineering services with professionalism and high specialisation in the different sectors. This is S.T. PROTASI today, and this is what it will be in the future, with new ideas and challenges to be faced to keep pace with the times.
Studio tecnico Protasi

Registered office:
Via dell’Acquapuzzola 2, Montepulciano (SI), Italy
Operating office:
Via Strada per Chianciano 4, Montepulciano (SI), Italy
VAT: 01290440526

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